Wednesday, April 9, 2008

-1348- DFT

1348 is highly flammable and should be played loudly accordingly. These wild ones from the homicide capital of the United States, Washington D.C., use crazy lo-fi electronics and, more recently, sophisticated sampling and mutation of media and radio. Included are snippets from a brilliant radio show, "Tasty Brains."

If, Bwana: In Three Parts

If, Bwana: in three parts is the most mesmerizing of the three. It wriggles and moves and jumps. Al's work is so impressive itself that it carries the whole tape to an overall success.

43 Minóy Street

The 43 Minóy Street title has a dual reference. First, it is the address you should give those people asking for your address who don't need to know your real residence (i.e. people you will never see again). The second is a reference to a comment by John Wiggins, who said that one day soon you would see Minóy on Coke commercials. I take the concept one step forward by joking that we would soon see him with his own show on the FOX network to replace 21 Jump Street. The whole show could consist of Minóy sitting around with his mother Anika, just laughing. I know I'd watch it! The tape is like a carousel in the Minóy theme park. A variety of vocal and sound sequences and situations flash by in a merry and entrancing way.